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CIT Gap 50 Entrepreneur Winners:

Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director of Amplifier Ventures

Hussein Ahmed, Founder and CEO of KustomNote.com

Eddie Amos, Senior Vice President and CTO of Meridium

Sid Banerjee, CEO of ClaraBridge

Ed Barrientos, CEO of Brazen Careerist

Marti Beller, Co-founder and CEO of PlanG

Brett Blackman, Co-founder and CSO of HemoShear, LLC

Kevin Bloomfield, President and CEO of NetVentures

Danny Boice, Co-founder and CTO of Speek

Michael Bor, Founder and CEO of Car Lotz

John Bracken, CEO of Speek

Martin Chapman, President and CEO of Indoor Biotechnologies

Francois Chenard, President of IRflex Corporation

Duke Chung, CEO of Parature

Mathew Dellorso, Founder and CEO of FundRoom.com

Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree Apps

Eric Edwards, Co-founder and Vice President of Intelliject, Inc.

Sam English, President and CEO of AttentionPoint

John Feminella, CTO of Cardagin Networks

Kristin Fitch, CEO of ZiggityZoom

Ric Fleisher, Co-founder of Urgnt.ly

Will Fuentes, CEO of Lemur IMS

Larkin Garbee, Founder of 804RVA

Christine Goodwin, Co-founder and CEO of WishStars

Uday Gupta, President of Global Cell Solutions

Adam Healey, Co-founder of Borrowed & Blue

Angel Henderson, CEO of Arc DNA

John Christian Herr, Professor of Cell Biology at University of Virginia

Brittany Hoffman, Founder and CEO of D8Night

Tom Hough, CEO of Evatran

Matt Howard, Founder and CEO of ZoomSafer

Crystal Icenhour, President and CSO of Phthisis Diagnostics

Brett Jackson, President and CEO of LogiXML

Doug Juanarena, Vice President of RackSpace Hosting

Julie Kantor, CSO of Barrel of Jobs

Joshua Konowe, Founder and CEO of Uppidy

Andrew Krouse, President and CEO of Tau Therapeautics

Nathan Latka, Co-founder and CEO of Heyo

Peter Lazar, CEO of eBroselow

Jack Lesko, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Virginia Tech

Sean McElrath, Co-founder and CEO of Hallway

Edwin Miller, Founder and CEO of 9Lenses, LLC

Zack Miller, Managing Director of Hatch Norfolk

Andrew Montalenti, CTO of Parse.ly

James Neel, President of Cognitive Radio Technologies

Minh Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Syllabuster

James Powers, CEO of HemoShear, LLC

Michael Prichard, Founder and CTO of WillowTree Apps

Caroline Pugh, COO of VirtualU

James Quigley, CEO of Canvas

Sandy Reisky, CEO of Apex Wind Energy

Bob Summers, Chief Geek of Friendeo

Charlie Thomas, CEO of RazorSight

D.P. Venkatesh, CEO of mPortal, Inc.

William Walker, President of HemoSonics, LLC

Brian Wamhoff, Co-founder of HemoShear,LLC

Jim Zuffoletti, President of OpenQ